11 Reasons Why Motorbikes Are More Fun

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by Giannux & Chia

11 Reasons Why Motorbikes Are More Fun

Motorcycle riders have long been popular for their display of toughness and pure machismo. As much as cars have dominated the roads, it is the motorcycle riders that ruled and lived on the road, pretty much comparable to the appeal of all-American cowboys. We surely heard enough motorcycle adventure stories from our fathers and grandfathers. Back then, riding a motorbike holds a bold statement, giving an impression of pure toughness. Nowadays, modern riders are increasing in number. For one thing, riding motorbikes is 11 ways more fun than driving cars.

Reason #1
Riders are road’s main attractions. Riding a motorbike complete with a helmet and riding outfit creates a picture that is beyond ordinary. It’s the image that riders create that makes motorbikes more interesting.

Reason #2
The adrenalin or excitement you get from a motorbike is ten times more than what you get from riding a car. For one thing, it leaves you bare on the road, putting your raw driving skills to test. These bikes do not have power steering or auto-features, giving the riders full command on the road.

Reason #3
It presents a great way of beating the traffic. It can go anywhere and everywhere, except on sidewalks. In this regard, motorcycles are ideal traffic solutions. (please take law into consideration in your country)

Reason #4
Generally, motorbikes run faster than cars. It has to have something to do with the platform, weight, engine and design aspects that enable the more compact ride run faster than conventional cars.

Reason #5
Riding a motorbike takes a lot more concentration and focus. It needs its rider to focus on maintaining balance while operating the engine, making no room for distractions such as cell phones, smoking or talking.

Reason #6
Motorbikes spell adventure better than cars. It gives the rider more control on the road. Compared to cars, bikes give better views of sceneries.

Reason #7
Bikes are comfortable to ride. More comfort can be enjoyed by investing on accessories, attachments or add-ons.

Reason #8
Similar to cars, motorbike saddlebags, luggage racks or panniers allows you to accommodate everything you need in your road adventures.

Reason #9
Believe it or not, motorbikes can sit in up to 10 people, depending on the engine power and the design of the side-car it attaches to.

Reason #10
Motorbikes are sporting a powerful and fuel-efficient engine yielding outstanding fuel mileage and huge savings. In hope of reducing the world’s fuel consumption, electric motorbikes are now slowly gaining popularity, thanks to the auto manufacturers efforts to ‘go green’.

Reason #11
Motorcycle models are available in sleek and fashionable 2-wheel and 3-wheel designs. In addition, they are also customizable. Sprucing up a motorcycle not only appreciates its market value but also its rider’s appeal.

Traditionally, motorcycles were referred as naked beasts, their dominating presence and road adventures are forever printed in the history. They have defined adventure more than any piece of machine had. Hence, motorcycle riders enjoy more, they get more of the excitement and fun of threading down the road and they pretty much get more out of life.

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Question by Papillon: Could i use a motorbike engine to power the propeller on a very small plane or ultralight?
what would i need to do to make this work? any advice appreciated


Best answer:

Answer by WINGMAN
Simple answer is yes, tia.

I don’t answer that way.
Lets make a list of positives and negatives on using a motorbike engine.

(1) If you have a two stroke, money saved in not buying one.
…. A four stroke would work but weighs more than a two stroke.
…. Equals less payload capacity.

(2) Whops, no more positives that I can think of.

(1) The motorbike engine has an unnecessary transmission = extra weight.

(2) Not knowing your level of expertise, an expensive shaft adapter with bearings
…. needs fabricated to connect the transmission output shaft to a multiple shiv.
…. the propeller shiv and bearing assembly you can purchase unless you already
…..have a plane,

(3) Weight distribution, ie proper mounting of the engine fore and aft so as to not
…..critically effect the planes design limits.

(4) All kinds of custom brackets will need to be built to mount everything.
…..Can you handle this?

Your life depends on all of the above.

Does the motorbike engine have a electric starter?
I can not visualize standing on a wing to kick start it.

I am sure I have over looked other important considerations. I know you are looking
for a really positive answer, but I would not attempt it.

There is nothing wrong with your idea, but the math and safety issues will be
taking, in my humble opinion, too big of a risk.
Sorry, please read my source data below.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Question by sara t: 2001 kawasaki motorbike – must the engine be run before driving off and before parking up?
my neighbour has a 2001 kawasaki motorbike, I think it is at least 600cc. He runs his engine before he drives off and when he parks, regardless of the weather and I think he does this because it’s fun for him. Am I wrong? Is there actually a technical need to do this?

Best answer:

Answer by VikingLord
I think you mean he “revs” his engine. He DOES do it to be cool. There is no practical reason to revving the engine in this manner.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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