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A few nice motorbikes images I found:

– 250ccm –
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Image by teliko82
Jorge Lorenzo (SPA) driver of the Fortuna Honda Team with the number 1 and Dan Linfoot (GBR) driver fo Team Sicilia with the number 45 during the warm-up for the Cardion ab Grand Prix of the Czech republic in Brno.(2007-08-19)

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Image by evilnick

Triumph kid
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Image by nualabugeye
A few vintage motorbike enthusiasts had brought their bikes along to the 1940s day at the Piece Hall in Halifax, Mayday 2008.

Hello Yellow
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Image by miskan
I got a phone call from Eastpak & Jansport the other day. They had received a new shipment of bags including some limited edition versions and the guy wanted me to pass by and check them out. So, tonight I passed by with Nat and nibaq to check out the new stuff. Nibaq is still looking for a messenger bag for his new powerbook and I told him he might find something cool there. They always have some really cool stuff, so cool that I always wish I was going on a vacation or something so I could buy a good bag. Last time I travelled I had a terribly small and uncomfortable backpack and I really regret then not getting a better one. This time around when I travel I am gonna get the best backpack I can afford. The coolest thing in the showroom ofcourse is the bright yellow Ducati 1000DS motorbike, and you can have it for only KD3900!