50cc scooters

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50cc scooters

You may think that the big American motorbikes are the stars of the big screen, and therefore the most desirable two wheeled transport, but you may also wish to think about the scooter. The effortless style of a 60’s styled scooter will transport you to an era of British cool, where the scooter was the star of the big screen. When compared with the petrol hungry monsters that are American motorbikes, the scooter appears cool without trying too hard like the aforementioned bikes.

Size difference

At around half the size of a big American bike, 50cc scooters are a great way of nipping around the city in a stylish and economical manner. With a smaller engine than a bike, the 50cc scooters provide you with all the power you’ll ever need, along with the engine capacity and economic fuel use that will allow you to travel for miles without the need to refill your tank.

Small scooters will allow you to weave through crowded streets of parked cars, perfect for city travel. As long as you wear the proper safety gear, you are just as safe as on a motorbike. Due to the low speeds achievable in a city, you would notice no real difference if you were driving a far more expensive and less economical motorbike.

In addition, there are pricing reasons to go for 50cc scooters over motorbikes. A scooter will cost far less than a motorbike, with petrol costs also being lower. This means that as well as the initial outlay, day to day costs will be significantly reduced. Parts and maintenance will also be less, as scooter parts are less expensive to source and fit.

Engine types

Generally, 50cc scooters will have a four stroke engine, which will make them zippy and nippy through the city streets and will give a great mileage on busy roads. Some scooters are capable of around 100 miles to the gallon, allowing you to fill your tank and use your scooter for a few weeks before the next refill.

The only discernable negatives to 50cc scooters are their low top speed. They cannot realistically be used on motorways and so are more suited to city street travel. But with the state of congestion in the modern city world, this top speed issue is not a limitation. Having a low top speed in a city where even sports cars are limited by traffic will not be a hindrance, as all others are travelling at the same speed. This makes 50cc Scooters ideal for city travel and a great alternative to a motorbike or car for those wanting to move around the city in style and comfort.

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