630 miles OFFROAD from Dover to Lands End via Motorcycle [Part 1]

Enduro trip surviving four days. I will be releasing the full route and all the details. I’ve got about 12 hours of footage. This is part one of a four part “highlights” series. Then the videos will come after! Fantastic motorcycle trip, highly recommended.

Question by Mr. X: What is the youngest age a you can drive a motorbike in Texas?
What is the youngest age you can drive a motor bike in Texas without an adult with you. Is it like 16 just a normal car, or can you do it earlier or later? Are there any rules that go along wit hdriving while still a teen, like engine size or max speed.

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Answer by pmk
not sure of the current laws, would need to check Texas Department of Public Safety to be sure…

used to be at 15 years old you could get a license to ride a bike up to 125cc and then at 16 years old a full motorcycle license. you still had to take both a written and riding test. that was several years back though.

I would highly recommend taking one of the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) courses. you can also contact them to find out specific rules and age requirements at http://nm.msf-usa.org/msf/ridercourses.aspx?state=TX

although my son had been riding dirt bikes, both pleasure & competitively since he was about 4 years old, he took one of the MSF courses to get his license at age 22 and still learned quite a bit dealing with street riding.

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