Adelaide KELLS ROAD RACES 2009 DVD official highlights

The first 10 minutes of all the motorcycle road racing action from the official DVD of the Adelaide International Kells Road Races 2009. Record crowds witnessed spectacular racing over the weekend of 18th-19th July, 2009 with many top riders like Ryan Farquhar, William Dunlop, Michael Dunlop, Keith Amor and Guy Martin putting on a superb display for the crowds around the Crossakiel, Co. Meath circuit in Ireland. The event was again sponsored by Adelaide Insurance Services, Belfast – specialists in motorcycle insurance. The DVD is available to purchase directly from the Kells Motorcycle Racing Club (details at the end of the presentation). Please support the future of the event and buy the DVD. For a superb insurance quote for your car, home or motorbike, visit today.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Reel List Breakdown Check out more stuff I have done. (01) (Raptor) Animation and 3d model (Keyframed Facial & Character studio animated) (02) (Eddie Biker) Character animation for original game concept, model, and hand animated in 3DSmax. (03) (CS Biped Skeleton) Keyframed climbing motion and back flip. (3DSMAX) (04) (CS Biped Skeleton) Keyframed run cycle. (3DSMAX) (05) (Soldier Animation) Keyframed Run and walk cycle in MAYA for EA game (Battlefield) (06) (Cartoon Character) Model and Animation in 3DSMAX. (07) (Guy on Motorbike) Keyframed in 3DSMAX,composited effects in Adobe Affect Effects. (08) (Truck and soldiers) Keyframed deploy animation in MAYA for EA game (Battlefield) (09) (Cartoon Characters) Keyframed in 3DSMAX, for original racing game concept. (10) (MotorBikes racing) Pre-visualization animation for bikes and characters (3DSMAX). (11) (Yellow face & mini bike) Video footage camera tracking using 3DSMAX. Keyframed models. (12) (Red Biker) Keyframed animation and composite in 3DSMAX, effects in Particle Illusion. (13) (Raptor) keyframed walk cycle and video footage tracking in 3DMAX. (14) (Soldier Explosion) Keyframed multiple death animations in MAYA. (15) (Head facial animation) using a minimum “bone” count for keyframed lipsync test. (16) (Jeep Explosion) Cloth flag 3DSMAX and explosion in Particle Illusion, composite in Adobe After Effects. (17) (Explosions & Effects) In-Game effects for EA game (Battlefield) (18) (Eddie character) Walk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by Curiousss: Mui Ne- By motorbike, how much time should I set aside for the sanddunes?
I want to rent a motorbike in Mui Ne. No need to see the beaches, just the dunes. How long should I plan on setting aside for the dunes?

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Answer by sole_hn
What do you mean “set aside for the dunes”? If you just want to have different experience, you should spend two or three days there.

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