Anyone acquired any tips for cornering on a motorbike?

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by turbodante

Query by MarkS25: Anyone acquired any suggestions for cornering on a motorbike?

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Response by irkt
Yeah, lean over.

Sorry. Consider this experiment. Rolling along in a straight line at 20mph, push gently on the proper hand side of your handlebars. Cool, huh? Now try the left. Virtually counter-intuitive, innit.

Also, try out to do most of your braking and all of your down-shifting prior to cornering.

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Query by Peter: What is ‘the Ashlyn’?
I’ve been hearing this stated all over my community, and it’s bothering me that I don’t know. What is ‘the Ashlyn’? I have gotten a number of answers from everyone I’ve asked–most folks say it’s a dance phase, but I’ve also heard skateboard and motorbike tricks named the very same issue. If you could support me out, that’d be great, thanks.

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Response by major_twenty_twenty
It could imply all people issues. The only way you will know is to go to the source ask someone that you hear saying it so you ensure you understand it in the correct context.

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