Automobile knocks over motorbike then drives off

Motor biker’s are good people, even in this type of excessive predicament that could have gone south extremely quick, we remained composed. I didn’t film part of this video, but it proves a really crucial point. Please don’t use a automobile to intimidate other road customers !!! This video has articles from a fellow YouTube channel, I have written permission to use it, see under: teamftlprod has sent you a message: Objet :La solidarite motarde n’es pas une legende To:gogosor pas de problème tu peut la prendre tant que mon pseudo et Le Mans est tagger dessus Cordialement
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Question by : What is a excellent way to clean my motorbike from flies?
When driving my bike I always get flies on the headlights and front of the motorbike. What is a great way to clean it? I only have sope and brake cleaner at property which both (naturally) never operate.

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Solution by Tomcat
Consider a wet towel and soak it fairly great and lay it in excess of the location you want to clean and leave it soaking on there for about a 1/2 hour or so and normally they come proper off with a tiny Soap and water.

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