crazy drift/motorbike show
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R1 Sjaak and Doris Wiedemann almost in Prudhoe bay at -35 Celsius on two motorbikes
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Question by Billy D: WHat is the motorbike from the GDH advert?
There’s an advert on the TV at the moment for GDH hiar straigteners where a guy on a motorbike sees a girl with long hair locked in a tower and goes to her rescue…

What make/model is the motorbike?

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Answer by Ian H
i’ve only caught the advert once but surely its some fictional old hog rather than a production standard bike. It looks like a less colourful Captain America what with the high up fish tail pipes and all (see Easy rider if you don’t know what I’m on about).
OK so I just checked it out on youtube and its definitely nothing standard. Whilst the pipes are like Captain America (a harley) it doesn’t have a Vtwin and the suspension is way too long and modern more like a modern traily. Something like a varadero, Vstrom, or xAlp.
p.s. not to nitpick but its GHD simple smile AWSOME DRIFT SHOW!!!

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