Beach Blazer – A Motorbike Coaster – Paradise Atoll

This is more then a relaxing ride on the beach. Feel the adreniline as you are launched upward, through a double corkscrew and up a strata tower before doing it all again in this symettrical thriller at Coaster Coast.Excitement Rating (6.36) High Intensity Rating (7.33) High Nausea Rating (4.73) Medium Maximum Speed 67.51 MPH Average Speed 34.14 MPH Ride Time 0:57 Ride Length 2821.94 ft. Maximum Positive G’s 5.98 Maximum Negative G’s -0.93 Maximum Lateral G’s 1.28 Total “Air” Time 0:14 Number of Drops 7 Highest Drop Height 141.81 ft. Inversions 5 Wow 50 videos already huh?
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Ant Vs. Dec where the boys are learning to jump through a ring of fire on a motorbike. Unfortunatly things don’t quite go as planned… From Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Series 5 Episode 5

Question by zal3nt: Do you need to take a diffrent test in order to ride a motorbike?
I am just wondering if I learn to drive a car and get my license, would i need to do it all again to ride a motorbike cause in future id like to own both, just wondering!

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Answer by Ray J
Yes, you do.

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