A few nice motorbike images I found:

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Image by smee.bruce
I was obviously in Beull heaven on Saturday!

Freedom ( I Have Been Tagged )
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Image by Sam Ilić
I have been tagged by Jill. So here it is:

1.This is harder than I thought…
2.I first started taking photos (with a decent camera) in Dec 2008 so I am very new to photography.
3.I only have two addictions: my camera and my work. I work in IT and love it to bits.
4.I am way too picky and stubborn and I pay too much attention to detail.
5.Everything has to be perfect or not at all.
6.I think I know everything but I don’t and I hate that part about me.
7.I am born Serbian then migrated with parents to Australia in 1995.
8.I am very un-photogenic, I simply don’t know what to do in front of the camera, only behind it.
9.I am getting married! Next year in Jan (seems so far away).
10.My fiancé is Indonesian. Now how’s that for a mix? Can’t wait to see what our children are going to look like.
11.I love Volkswagens, new and old, but would ideally own a 1967 Shelby.
12.I dreamed of being a fighter pilot.
13.I fear heights. Hate balconies, sudden drops, ladders, elevators and escalators, etc. Feels like I start to fall as soon as I get close and I really freak out. I’m ok on a plane though, love a window seat.
14.I have a beautiful little niece which I adore. You would have seen a photo of her in my stream.
15.I hate mess.
16.I don’t have a facebook account, and I am probably the last person on this planet not to have one.

And to keep the roll, here are my picks:
1. Arielle
2. Jeff
3. Chris
4. Jdee
4. Rafa

Sorry guys simple smile Buell 3

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Image by popihmt

What’s Hiding in Your Neighbours Garage?
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Image by Sherlock77 (James)
1952 Velocette police motorbike

Drove by a garage in the neighbourhood (that I’ve driven by dozens of times), today it was open and saw this car inside, just had to stop by and say "hi" to the guy. He also showed me this neat old police motobike he owns , it may look a little nasty but is in good original condition and still an excellent runner.

I also told him about the upcoming British/European show in September, he told me he hopes to take his motorbike to the show. If he is there with it I’ll try to get a better picture than this one…

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