Can you get motorcycle endorsement when on a temporary driving permit?

Query by : Can you get motorbike endorsement when on a temporary driving permit?
I just lately acquired a dwi like an idiot. In Louisiana when you get a dwi you are issued a temporary driving allow excellent for thirty days. You are offered 15 days to request a hearing. On performing this you receive a short-term driving allow good for many months to get you to the time of the hearing where they determine if they will suspend your license. What I am asking yourself is although you are on this temporary driving allow is it achievable to get your motorcycle endorsement.

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Response by Biker for existence
No. You need to have a total license for an endorsement.

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Query by Marion C: How do I clean exhaust off my rear wheel and chrome elements on my motorcycle?
I have staggered exhaust and there is a chrome plate that decovrates the belt wheel and also the much more rear exhaust pipe which is chrome and the aluminum alloy wheel. I am not hunting to get unique Harley bike cleaner. Anyone know any tricks to disolve stuck on exhaust that blackens bike components?

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Solution by swflsteelerfan
Go to your nearest automobile elements shop and purchase a can of foaming degreaser. Spray it on your bike and allow it function its majic, then rinse of with a sturdy stream of water.

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