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Question by Big_Jack: Can a motorcycle helmet used for snowboarding?
I am going on a mountain journey soon and I will purchase a helmet but I want to know if motorcycle helmet can be utilised as well … because it currently gives encounter cover from wind and tinted visor.

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Response by Justin
I suggest you technically dont even need to have a helmet to snowboard but any helmet is fine. I have been snowboarding for 4 years now and each year i have had a prime notch helemt. If a motorcycle helmet is your only alternative well its greater than nothing. Nevertheless, consider and go get a snowboarding helemt just simply because its more protected and it looks better. They also might soak up effect in a different way as motorcycle helmets are for concrete and snowboarding helmets are for snow. My recommendation is get a snowboarding helmet! But a crappy helmet is far better than no helmet.

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