Clean your Motorcycle – Part 2

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Very powerful MINI DUAL COIL for extremely small cells with high production Ideal for a motorbike or modern cars with no space under the hood. 3 mm rod 316L Stainless Steel and an acrylic plate 4 mm thick. A youtuber gave me the idea to try and use marine wire to make a coil, his suggestion was that that wire has a larger surfacearea. The wire I used is 4 mm diameter and has a M5 metric thread welded on it’s end so you can tighten the electric cable on it. As I thought about it I realized that this could also be the solution for those people with no tools. Easy and relatively inexpensive. The water test of this spiral was made without cleansing so the first ignition gave a slow reaction as you will see. If you get salt water grade wire it will be just great
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by stuffnstuff: Can you recommend a motorbike with attitude for a small person?
I’m 5ft tall and a lot of bikes are just ridiculously big, even though salespeople always say they can be lowered. I wouldn’t want anything too slow or boring though. I’m a novice, with some knowledge of bikes gleaned from friends and my cbr600-mad husband (I want a share of the fun). Thanks!
I should also mention that I’m looking for a sports or touring bike and that it needs to be as cheap as possible (2nd hand).

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Answer by Nick
Honda Rebel 250? Good for a novice and kinda sporty if dated……

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