Crashing motorbike alone in the woods

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Riding my Honda Transalp 650 on a trail in the French Alps until I crash. Then trying to make it down the mountain in one piece without a running engine. Do …

The last 3 days of riding to and from London (short week)… The invisibility cloak is in good effect at the moment.

Question by chothuexemay: motorbike for rent in ha noi?
Motorcycle rentals in Hanoi Vietnam

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Answer by dave
My wife and I just returned from an amazing 11 -day motorbike trip around the northwest corner of Vietnam – from Mai Chau to Dien Bien Phu and on to Sapa before returning to Hanoi. In order to put my solo trip together, I contacted anh Hoang 092 829 0000/ 0904 274 129, the owner and operator of He set me up with a reliable motorbike, maps, and appropriate safety and rain gear, for what I thought was a very reasonable price. Hoang is a great guy, extremely personable, helpful, and – ideal for foreigner visitors – speaks English fluently and somes french. While traveling, I felt very comfortable knowing that I could contact Alan via phone or e-mail if any problems arose. None did and other than a little adverse weather here and there, I had one of the most memorable adventures of my life. Vietnam is a spectacular country filled with friendly and welcoming people. I highly recommend both the country and the sevice of Espoir

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