Cruising the Streets of Ho Chi Minh City

This isn’t your grandma’s station wagon — It’s a motorbike on the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Watch as Joanna takes a ride and losing some students on the way to a videoconference!
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I ride and I record. There’s no editing of video’s when I’m back at home, my video’s are all edited on the road because I want to share my experiences as they happen, so… Follow my journey through North, Central and South America. I’ve jacked in the job, packed my life into a pair of panniers and a roll bag and tied them down to a BMW F650 Dakar. Now it’s time for some fun! In this episode I ride from California to Texas passing through Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
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Question by DaleTheWhale: Will my motorbike be powerful enough for my practical test?

I have a Honda CG125 (2001) which i want to use to do my motorbike practical test. The only problem is when i’ve looked on official website it says the bike should be able to do 100 Kph (or 60 Mph) but i know for a fact that on a flat road my bike will do 50Mph and struggle to do anymore.

Anyone here done their test on a similar bike?

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Answer by c5
you’ll be fine don’t worry

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