Dangerous motorbike stunts

10m in the air and more than 20m length although undertaking somersaults on a motorbike… Danger is their middle name. Aerobatics stunt riders Jeff Fehr Reagan Sieg…
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My little bro stuntin’ it up.

Thanks guys for observe i place some time in to this video hope you all liked it and through a like on it that would be awsome. Music – e Dubble.
Video Rating: four / 5

Query by Dorcas: How much distance must a single permit when driving behind a motorbike? Much more than behind a automobile?
My husband and I have a disagreement. My overactive imagination sees a moose jumping in front of the motorcycle and we can’t stop just before hitting them the two. I say we must leave even a lot more space for a motorcycle than for a auto…..due to the fact a motorcycle delivers significantly less protection for its driver and there is a tendency to drive even closer to a motorbike since it is smaller sized and appears much more distant than it truly is. My husband tells me not to fear and factors to other vehicles’ driving distances, which are even much less than ours. Moose truly do jump out in front of autos right here.

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Response by MeWantRune
I agree with you. I too leave a small a lot more room for bikes than I do for vehicles.

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