Di Blasi Folding Motorbike or Motor Scooter showing how to Break it Down – First Pit Bike Mini Bike

I bought this Di Blasi Motorbike several years ago on Ebay and have enjoyed taking it places and riding it around the yard. The bike amazingly folds to less than half its height and width. At less than 64 lbs the bike can easily be placed into any trunk. But where it shines is with the aviation community who stow the bike away behind the pilot seats. The Bike has a 50cc 2 stroke engine and can attain a speed of 30 mph. It holds 3/4 gallon of 50:1 fuel and gets 133mpg…not to bad. This model was made in 1982.
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Question by agirlnamedlisa: what motorbike does jamie oliver ride?
i’m just curious as to what motorbike/scooter/moped he rides when getting about? does he even still ride motorbikes?

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Answer by Xascx S
a honda

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