Direct Bikes Scooter Flame Thrower Colin Furze

This is no ordinary Direct Bikes scooter. Wow…. search at the flames on this one!

Question by LOUIZIANABOYZ: Fallen Motorbikes & Scooters?
You know how men and women say when a motorbike falls over, it truly is bad since it can drown the carburator or some crap??? What about scooters??? I wanna acquire a scooter, but the unique proprietor says he’s dropped it a couple times due to mobility issues… Would this nonetheless be a very good purchase for a lowered value???

Best solution:

Answer by easygoing157
dropping a bike can FLOOD the carbie..

but its a short-term point.. other injury could be much more long term..

but most bikes scooters that are a number of many years old have been dropped..

So go for it.. if the harm is minimum it should not influence the bike in any way..

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