does anyone remember the 80’s TV show, “Street Hawk”?

Question by blue boy: does anyone remember the 80’s TV show, “Street Hawk”?
it was a guy with a super cool motorbike (similar to Kit from Nightrider without the talking – I think?) performing public service duties ie: catching the criminal!

Just wondering if you remember and what your thoughts are?

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Answer by Goku, Super Saiyan 4
Street Hawk was the $#!+!!!!!!

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Question by john a: what kind of fuel to zongshen zs 50 cc?
i have a motorbike zongshen zs 50 cc q3 .what fuel must put in?free lead or old super?

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Answer by desert camel
any u can get your hands on…it wont matter,cos the bike wont last long anyway…i give it 3 months max and it will be shafted….nothing to do with the fuel,just its a poorly built bike.

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