Doom 2 – Monsters 1/2

Here are the monsters that you will encounter in Doom2. Their hit points are shown. Monsters: 1.Zombieman – 20 hp 2.Shotgun Guy – 30 hp 3.Chaingunner – 70 hp 4.Imp – 60 hp 5.Bull Demon (spectre) – 150 hp 6.Lost soul – 100 hp 7.Cacodemon – 400 hp 8.Hell Knight – 500 hp 9.Baron of hell – 1000 hp 10.Arachnotron – 500 hp 11.Pain Elemental – 400 hp 12.Revenant – 300 hp 13.Mancubus – 600hp *Difficulty:Ultra Violence *No cheats used *Mod used:Doom legacy If you are intrested in Doom legacy mod,you can download it from here: Last time Info updated: 11/05/09 I will reply if needed

This is my official tribute to travis pastrana and nitro circus! Star of the show is the incredible, fearless and talented Travis Pastrana. He`s not only one of the youngest motorcross freestyle driver, but he`s the best, the absolut best freestyler in the world. And also one of the best rallycar drivers. The producer of the show, Johnny Knoxville (known from jackass) also attend to the show in some episodes. So, this is how Travis Pastranas life is like, and on the show he brings his friends to join in, such as: Andy Bell (washed-up motorcycle rider), Jolene Van Vugt (insane hot pro motocross racer), Jim DeCHAMP (pro mountain biker), Erik Roner (pro skier/base jumper), streetbike Tommy (construction worker) and Special Greg (traivs` cousin) So, Enjoy the ride! The sound is Sony Music Entertainment property.
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Question by JL: whats the song in charlie’s angels full throttle in the start of the motorbike scene?
not pink feel good time , the starting song of the motorbike scene ,

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Answer by Lauren
Breathe by Prodigy

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