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Question by vinylhamster: My motorbike was stolen…?
…and recovered, completely totalled.

The people who did it are just kids – around 13 years old. We know who it is, but the police won’t do a thing about it as there’s no evidence.

Should I go and demand the £1000 that the bike has cost me back from the parents?

Should I beat the crap out of the idiots who did it?

My insurance didn’t cover it.

Opinions please.

Best answer:

Answer by UCANTCME
Get your information from some of their friends and offer them a reward and once you have this, get signed affidavits that will support this information.

Leave the parents and the suspected kids alone for now until you have the above information and then turn everything over to the police.

This will work because reward money always makes people talk and you will be able to get your damages along with the reward money back at the end.

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