Electric Bikes Vs Scooters

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Electric Bikes Vs Scooters

Electric Bikes are manufactured to only fit one person and can carry a small stuff. They are not expensive and have a good speed, unlike scooters which are slower and need a lot of energy. On the other hand, the motorbikes are very noisy nothing likes electric bikes which are quite, efficient and clean. There are many advantages about the Electric Bikes compared to the motorbike and the scooters.

Mountain electric bikes are very effective when climbing hills. It has an increased speed when one is climbing hills and does away with the incline factor that one view. An electric bike can manage to go up the hill in 10% at a scale of 1 to 10 with ease at a maximum incline of 80%. Scooters cannot handle hills and the motorbike is not fast enough when climbing the hills even in the countryside where the electric bike makes the effect to be amazing. A motorbike is very expensive compared to the electric bike which has favorable prices. The only expense that might be associated with an electric bike is the battery but that tends to be not that expensive as well.  Taking an Ezip Electric bike, the batter that these bikes run for only cost 0. Therefore an electric bike can save you a lot of money compared to a motorbike.

A regular bike is defiantly lighter than an electric bike but the electric bike is more effective in case you get tired from exercising and this gives to building personal fitness. A motorbike and scooter can not be used for exercise purposes, only for fun and they do not apply any energy and will most likely end up making one gain weight. Other advantages are that it is neat green and clean in that it does not increase or affect global warming. In conclusion, it’s safer and more convenient to use an electric bike than a electric scooter or motorbike.

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Question by jhengssulee: Why so many scooters in Taiwan?
For a rich country like Taiwan, why are there so many scooters and motorbikes rather than cars? Similar countries like S Korea and Japan don’t have the phenomenon.

Best answer:

Answer by Carry On..!
Cars are relatively expensive and there isn’t a great deal of space to park especially in the cities, despite almost every housing complex having subterranean car parking, therefore you will see many , and I mean many taxis and scooters. Scooters allow the young some independence, they are often the most practical solution for others, they are cheap to run/repair, far more economical, can be parked very easily outside shops/homes and are far quicker when going around built up areas. On the main rural routes, they’re more fun than practical if I’m totally honest, especially with two up, and can really struggle up some of the steeper inclines.

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