Have you ever dated an individual and then identified out they have been harmful or odd?

Question by Wizard: Have you ever dated someone and then found out they had been unsafe or odd?
for illustration this man i went on one particular date with and i continued to talk in email, to program more dates, he would do issues like lie and say he had gotten a job and that he wanted to get me to the videos, just to get my consideration so that he could use my focus truly to attempt to over energy me, he would also act really suggest and lie, and attempt to trick individuals. he would lie about what his education and things like that weer just to impress me on the date, it was true effortless to inform that, that wasn’t his real occupation due to the fact he did not know items that individuals doing that work would have to know, nor did he have the encounter that an individual undertaking that work would have
i can give u his email if u want to date him, just kidding , but significantly lol

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Answer by Anthony
yes a girl i would go with thru my motorcyle more than due to the fact she was jelous

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