homemade mini bike help?

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Question by JD: homemade mini bike help?
Hi im building a mini bike out of an old electric scooter with a seat and was wondering if i could use the throttle grip with a gas horizontal engine or if id have to buy a new one… and also i was curious if id have any issue using the existing kinda small chain or would it break too quick in which case id look on the net for a new sprocket chain and clutch…

Thanks For taking your time to answer my question


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Answer by Ian H
my guess would be you’d need a new one but not knowing the specifics of your bike bits its hard to know. Gas engines need a throttle cable to open and close the carb, electric just need a switch or potentiometer to feed them the right amount of electricity.
If the chain can handle the torque put out by the electric motor then it should handle similar torque from a gas engine. If you’re putting in a more powerful engine then you should be looking at uprating chain and sprockets, wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension. Test it safely, that doesn’t mean ride it. I’ve seen overtensioned motorbike chains cleave huge chunks off crank cases. You don’t want that to be your leg.
Good luck

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Question by Waylin Skinner: What is the difference between Mini Bikes and Pocket Bikes?
I’ve heard a lot of things about “Mini bikes” and “Pocket bikes” but I’m not sure what the difference is between them .Can someone tell me what the difference is?

Best answer:

Answer by Anne washington
One of the major differences between the two is that pocket bikes are smaller and lighter than the full size version. They are much cheaper than the traditional motorcycles making them budget friendly. Main difference between a super pocket rocket and a regular minibike, but the make is also important.here are some of the most common and most noticeable differences:

Engine size : good motorist knows, engine capacity determines engine size, and it is measured in ccs or horsepower.Some super mini motos could go as fast as 70 km per hour. There’s really no way to mistake them for toy vehicles.
Many super minibikes can go over 70cc, and even go as high up as 110 cc. Ordinary minibikes, even ones that were made at home, could be fitted with 50 cc engines or smaller.

Seat height . Super pocket motorbikes may have seats that go as high up as 28 inches or higher, when regular minibikes may have seats that go lower than 25 inches.

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