How do I steer clear of dropping a motorbike?

Question by Nimz: How do I avoid dropping a motorbike?
I will not have any motorbike expertise. I cannot drop the motorbike in the course of the motorcycle licensing test, otherwise I will fail. What are some guidelines that I could use to pass the check and avoid dropping the bike?

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Solution by molitor
Patrice. That is about it.

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Question by Erik Ruben: What is very best way to sustain a New Motorcycle for better functionality & Millage ?
Received a new 150cc Honda cbUnicorn.
Please recommend any Suggestions & tricks for better performance & Millage.
one. What velocity i want to drive initially?
2. What rpm to be maitained ?
three. Which gear i ought to trip for couple of kms ?
four. Propose very best way for gear shifting ?

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Answer by CB
Study the Owners Manual – and comply with the recommendations from Honda.
Although in my experience the Owners’ manual has extremely poor shift point recommendations in basic – usually on the extremely low side – at least for the Honda Shadow line this was the case.
Will not be afraid to rev it up – it truly is is general better for the engine than lugging the motor amongst shifts – but both way honda is notorious for a hard as nails engine so do not be afraid to enjoy the energy – just preserve the oil changed, the chain/sprockets cleaned and lubed and do the servicing in the intervals advised in the manual and it will final a extremely prolonged time.

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