How extended does it get to acquire a motorbike license?

Query by NeonTiger: How lengthy does it consider to acquire a motorbike license?
I reside in the United kingdom, 17, female and I’m interested in learning how to ride a motorbike. How lengthy would it consider for me to be able to ride one particular and obtain a license? How a lot do the lessons value? How considerably would a utilized motorbike cost? Tell me anything and everything! Thank you!

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Reply by chris b
Cbt £100ish
£60 three hour lessons
£15 mod one I think, in a yard doing your emergency quit and swerve ect.
Mod two is the ride out £75
Pluss no matter what the guy expenses for bike retain the services of, maybe £30

As soon as been riding for three years or hit 21, you can do your huge check or accelerated accessibility for a bike with much more than 33bhp

Until then you have to have a bike with 33bhp or less or get a restrictor kit for a bigger bike to make it 33bhp

I have booked my mod two and the earliest is October 5th :/
Long wait

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