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the honda ad where the guy starts on a wee motorbike nd progresses through cars and ends up flying a hot air balloon.
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A total rebuild for a 1988 KX 250. We had to repair the exhaust system, to check the carburator, clean all the mechanical parts, change the bearings, add a new sprocket, rebuild the stator with new coils, clean the flywheel, replace the clutch and check the power valve, adjust the rear brake and also giving a restyling

Question by Joseph C: Im going traveling in Vietnam May – July. How much will a second hand motorbike be?
I’ve done research and found some prices but i’ve heard different stuff from websites and friends. I would be looking for a second hand reliable motorbike. Im a student and am trying to get everything as cheap as possible! Thanks

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Answer by jamesbergen50
You can rent them there. Probably be cheaper in the long run. As you would not need to dispose of it on your return.

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