Improve and Supercharge your work or business performance starting with your perception!

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by glyn_nelson

Improve and Supercharge your work or business performance starting with your perception!

You might be wondering out aloud, “This person probably does not have what it takes to get into a partnership with me.” judging by his sloppy dressing and casual demeanor. Or perhaps you might look at a shabbily dressed person with his head bowed down as he walked along the street as if looking out for coins on the road and thoughts like “Hey, he doesn’t look as though he can make it big in life” cross your mind instantaneously.

If you find yourself judging people to be exactly the way as you perceive them to be on a regular basis, and by that I mean at least a few times daily, I have news for you…

You are inevitably undermining your relationship with people whom you know and potentially those who might just make your acquaintance!

Find it hard to believe? Consider this scenario: Cristiano failed to appear at the wake of his beloved mother who doted on him so much and took tremendous care of him when she was still alive. Imagine you are his uncle. What are your feelings about Cristiano?

However, you later find out that he was involved in a motorbike accident on his way to the hospital. Has your impression of Cristiano changed? To your dismay, you realized that Cristiano was drunk while speeding to the hospital and that was what resulted in the accident.

Has your perception of Cristiano shifted yet again?

How about if I told you that Cristiano went drinking with his closest friend because the wife of his friend had made off with her lover, taking the kids along with her and his friend was on the verge of mental and emotional breakdown, contemplating suicide, and that Cristiano’s presence actually helped save his friend’s life. Do you view Cristiano in a positive light now?

Notice how your perception of Cristiano changed as you learnt more and more about his plight? Each having its own twist as well as shifting your perception of him from positive to negative and vice versa and vice versa…

Do you realize not being able to see the whole picture and getting the facts right can cause your perception of someone to degenerate to the extent that, in the corporate world, you might not want to work with that person until a certain moment in time when you are presented with a new set of facts and then you realize that you have misunderstood that person all this while…

You might have lost a few big opportunities along the way!

Worse still, your relationship with that person might be tainted to such an extent that it could not be salvaged. Hence, my advice is to change whatever negative perceptions you might have of people and the chemistry changes as well. Learn to appreciate the person for who he/she is, and focus on his/her strength while understanding any weaknesses he/she might have. Do not judge people hastily, always give them a chance to prove their mettle and do not condemn them as quickly as you would a convicted prisoner.

How do all these apply to achieving everything that you want with your mastermind group and more? Simple. Within the framework of a group whose members demonstrate total transparency in their thoughts and actions and not harbor any biased judgmental perceptions against one another, wouldn’t you agree that the group would work in unison towards its common goal/s and achieve everything that you and every member have always wanted?

It might sound simple in theory. You might even laugh it off. If that is the case, why don’t you put this theory to practical use not just with people of your mastermind group but with people whom you work with everyday in your business and the like? Discover for yourself how the adoption of this theory can help you so much in your daily professional life. Oh, and remember that as stated earlier in this article, do not judge this theory even before you put it to practice!

I wish you every success in enhancing your relationship with your fellow business partners and workers towards achieving everything that you have ever wanted and more!

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Joel Chue

Author of ‘Mastermind Secrets’ Ebook.

‘How Can Ordinary People Leverage a Mastermind Group System to Produce Extraordinary Results Over and Over Again?’

A Free 24 page Report Shows You How

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