Insane Motorbike riders *NoFear R1 Yamaha

7fdbe motorbike default Insane Motorbike riders *NoFear R1 Yamaha

The Yamaha R1 Correct power! *No Worry Motor cycle ride through traffic.”Onboard footage with Tyler Kirk. Tyler is now a accountable rider and hopes no one will repeat or attempt riding a motorcycle in this kind of an irresponsible manner. Tyler is an adrenaline junky and utilized his motorcycle in a quite unsafe way to get that burning however pleasurably warm, exhilarating however calming adrenaline rush. He came near to dying many times. He encourages men and women to obey the law and new riders to get their knowledge on the racetrack in which it is secure.” #24 — Most Talked about (All Time) — Autos & Automobiles — Australia #28 — Top Favorited (All Time) — Autos & Vehicles — Australia #25 — Top Rated (All Time) — Autos & Cars — Australia
Video Rating: 4 / five