Is it feasible to lease a large motorbike to travel through the US?

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by hillary.hc.chang

Query by egon: Is it possible to lease a large motorbike to travel by way of the US?
or ought to I attempt to bring my motorbike with me in the US for this?

I am arranging to travel by way of the entire US. I feel I know enough folks from every state, so I could get an accommodation for number of days in every single state. But renting a single. How significantly would it cost?

And how prolonged does it generally consider to travel from a single state to the up coming a single ?

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Response by JetDoc
If you want to travel all through the USA on a motorcycle, you may possibly be far better off bringing your personal motorbike, or getting one particular here then offering it at the end of your trip. If you stay on the Interstate highways, you can travel via most states in a day, but if you do that, you are going to miss out on some excellent side journeys and back roads. Crossing Texas east to west, or California from north to south could take two-3 days.

A number of Harley Davidson dealers around the country will lease their massive Harleys by the day or week. It is not inexpensive, and you are going to require to have a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license from your home country. Examine out this web website for much more information… material/Pages/Try out_a_Bike/lease-a-bike.jsp?locale=en_US

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Query by tomas: How can I end my motorbike radiator from smoking?
After 10 min of driving it begins smoking a great deal. It is the cooling program on my bike. I believe there is a leak at the prime of the radiator. It has been doing this for ages now. I attempted making use of the radwell solution that supposedly blocks leaks. Nevertheless this did not really work. What can I do which is low cost to cease the smoke? Please support! Thanks!

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Solution by Just Me
discover out in which the leak is really coming from. tightening up a clamp would be inexpensive, a hose would expense a bit more, all the way up to the radiator most very likely costing the most. if it is the radiator, you have be in a position to have it brazed or welded based exactly where it is cracked. pouring anything at all into the cooling program is a negative thought as you never know what individuals chemical compounds could do to the water pump, seals, and the aluminum in the engine. Hope this assists.

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