is it safe to buy a motorbike via ebay?

Question by Looray: is it safe to get a motorcycle through ebay?
I was thinking of getting a motorcyle with a man. He said that he wants to do the offer by means of ebay but i dont know what is specifically indicates? He stated that carrying out the offer via ebay will assure that the offer will consider palce effectively. He will be carrying out all the costs for shipping and insurance coverage and he has also agreed to let me check the bike for 5 days and if i dont discover the bike like i had considered it would be, he says, i can return the bike with out any bills. Do u believe there are location exactly where i can be tricked? Some 1 aid me out.

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Answer by Sam
Ebay is a rather poor place to acquire anything at all from, especially cars. I feel you should think this by means of

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