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Lucia out on her new motorbike
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Going through Saltash Tunnel on a motorbike.

Question by Naveen C: Do you need a license to ride a motorbike in shanghai?
I heard some ppl saying that you dont need a license to ride a motorbike in shanghai. Im looking to buy one of those 125cc cross bikes..does any one know whr to find them? How are these bikes, what r the legalities of riding these in shanghai?

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Answer by BSherman
You must be licensed by Chinese authorities to drive a motorcycle anywhere in China. Low-power motor scooters do not require a license. Obviously, a 125cc is a motorcycle, so it requires a license to drive.

The central office for foreign driver’s license application in Shanghai is near Chun Shen Station (off of #5 subway line). Applications must be made in-person. Bring your valid passport, temporary residence certificate, foreign driver’s license, and cash payment. After inspection and approval of your documents, you may be allowed to take the written examination of traffic knowledge and given an eye exam.

Motorcycles require registration and plates, which are surprisingly expensive in Shanghai. It may be cheaper for you to register and plate the vehicle in a neighboring province.

You also must have mandatory vehicle insurance for your motorcycle. You may not obtain a vehicle registration or plates without it. Basically, it’s the same law as in America, Canada, and everywhere else.

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