Matt Mingay Nightster smoking in NZ

Check out Matt Mingay Nightster smoking it up in NZ. Massive burnouts and other tricks. Awesome
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American muscle cars,tractor,schoolbus,quad and motorbike wheelies and wheelie crashes !
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Question by Lyn M: How long does it take to motorbike from Chiang Mai to Pai or Mae Hon Song?
I am only in Chiang Mai area for four days. I can choose to fly to Mae Hon Song or motorbike. I like to see the scenery of a country but worry about the timeframe.

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Answer by spanky
The road from CM to Pai is pretty winding and treacherous, especially as Thai drivers do not concern themselves too much with staying in lanes… I think a minibus takes abt 4 hours to Pai from CM, so figure maybe 8 or 10 on a motorbike.. and you are risking your life.. – fly to MHS – only abt 30 minutes.. good luck

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