MCN Roadtest: Bimota DB7 launch report

Bimota has launched the latest in it’s stunning range of bikes, the Ducati 1098 powered Bimota DB7 and you can see the video report on the motorcycle below. MCN man Michael Neeves has been in Italy to ride the motorbike at it’s launch at the Misano circuit and was impressed. Watch the video below to see what he thought and read the full article in MCN, Wednesday, 11 June, 2008. Satisfy all your biking needs at
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Question by colin R: How much would a used motorbike/moped cost (to buy) in Vietnam?
I’m planning a reasonably long trip with a friend in Vietnam and we plan to buy motorcycles and possibly sell them before we return home.

Does anybody know how much it would cost to buy one and how easy would the process be?

Or alternatively is it possible to rent one from a company that would let drop it off at another branch in another city? Do these types of companies exist in Vietnam?

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Answer by Theresa
Unfornutately, I don’t think they have such a company in Vietnam. So you can buy a second-hand motorcycle and sell it before you return home. A used motorcycle normally costs around half to 2/3 the original price, depending on its condition. So it may cost from 0-600. The problem is you may need a local person (or an interpreter) to help you buy it and sell it.

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