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Query by Zach P: Does any person remember the 1964 Bridgestone Motorbikes? Need Support!?
Hello, i have a 1964 bridgestone 7. its a 50cc sport and i need to have a new carburetor. can any individual tell me what dimension of carb will fit and the place to discover 1.? Thanks alot!

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Response by curmudgeon1955
Vaguely bear in mind them. Carb perhaps a 16mm/18mm Amal pattern. Japanese Keihens copied the Amal and at times bolt appropriate up. Other probability at salvage yard is a Minerelli Engine carb- engine used on a lot of the Sears/Wards small bikes at that time just before the Japanese bikes acquired well-known. Walbro small engine carb would probably be as hard to locate as unique Bridgestone- but a small engine store may possibly have cross-reference to current model, may even have anything in stock that may possibly match. Tillotson is an additional US carb utilised on some little engines – couple versions noted to interchange with Amals, been awhile because had to attempt to match one particular. I consider it the regional motorcycle shop isn’t going to have one in stock- understandable. Might see if early Honda 50/70/90 carb appears like it would mount- the had the Keihens.

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