MotoGP Rider Dani Pedrosa Races Against Alejandro Maclean

default MotoGP Rider Dani Pedrosa Races Against Alejandro Maclean

Red Bull Air Race pilot Alejandro Maclean of Spain had the chance to compare notes with compatriot Dani Pedrosa, one of the worlds top MotoGP riders, ahead of the grand finale of the 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Championship on 3-4 October in Barcelona. But words were not enough for the two Spanish motorsport stars. They ended up duelling each other in the air and on the ground. Pedrosa came third in last years MotoGP World Championship and broke a world record earlier this year during free practice at the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello when he hit a speed of 349.3km/h (217.1mph) about the same pace that Red Bull Air Race pilots reach in their tracks flying just metres over the ground. The Spanish rider, who just celebrated his 24th birthday on 29 September, will also be competing this weekend at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Pedrosa was delighted to sample the high speed motorsport thrill of a different kind by first flying alongside Maclean in another race plane and then later racing against the Spanish Red Bull Air Race ace on his motorbike.
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