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I was told I am mad for wanting a motorbike again. Well I am mad and this shows it. Turn down your volume! I just passed my Mod 2 today after passing my Mod …
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Question by : How long and how much will it cost to learn to ride a motorbike?
I understand that everyone is different but i’m just looking for rough thoughts.

I’m 19 and already have a full car license and want to get a motorbike license. I plan on doing it over my holiday from university so I will be able to complete back to back lessons over several weeks.

I would say I was confident when learning to drive so I hope it will be the same with motorbikes.

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Answer by Tom1k9
I’m not too sure about prices and im more of a off road motorcross biker. but learning to ride motorbikes is literlaly just in the balance. its like learning to ride a bike. but this time you got horsepower.

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