Motorbike Totem Pole

Some cool motorbikes images:

Motorbike Totem Pole
40046 motorbikes 2847126417 807af81ddb Motorbike Totem Pole
Image by Carl Wainwright
This Totem Pole structure was made entirely out of what would appear to be used motorbike parts.

Laia Sanz’ Trial Motorbike
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Image by Frank Kehren
Laia Sanz’ Trial Motorbike, World Trials Championship 2008, Wagner Cup, United States Grand Prix, Sequatchie, Tennessee

070426 Motorbike Crash, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-1
40046 motorbikes 473313692 7e9fa1776f Motorbike Totem Pole
Image by David Jackmanson
From this story at the Brisbane Is Home blog.

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