Motorbike Video Adventures Bike Camera test on route to Morrocco!

Motorbike Adventures testing mk1 adventure cams. Portsmouth to spain via ship loading. All bike go here from the portsmonth to Santander run. Good to test the cameras from high light to low light! We now sell the Mk3 Adventurecam on line at we also link thease units to autocom systems for instructors wanting to gi
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Motorbike stunts and tricks in GTA IV [ HD available ] Vanilla GTA 4, no mods used. Had to change the music due to these STUPID audio licensing rules. Funk audio licensing laws.
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Question by xxlittle_lucyxx: Anyone know of any apprenticeships in motorbike custom paint jobs?
My sister is interested in doing this but the only thing i can find is motorbike repairs and things. Does anyone know anything that would help?

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Answer by ma8xz
She may be able to do some studying at a local technicon, and what about approaching local body shops (we call them panel beaters), those guys who repair crashed vehicles. There she will learn the art of spray painting. The “arty” part will come from within her…
Good luck!

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