Motorbikes – Which is the Best One for You?

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by neeravbhatt

Motorbikes – Which is the Best One for You?

Those wishing to purchase a motorbike need not go far to find one. Motorbikes are so popular that there are agents and dealers all over the place. Motorbikes are not only popular with the younger age group either. Many people over the age of 40 purchase their first motorbike and have great fun riding it. So what kind of motorbike should you buy? Always take into account what you want your motorbike for and how much experience you’ve had before you purchase one. If you’ve never ridden motorbikes before, you won’t want to buy a super speedster type; it would be too much for you to handle. Firstly buy a good motorbike suitable for a learner and hone your riding skills on that. Once you are proficient and experienced then you can trade it in on something bigger and faster. The main criterion for buying your first motorbike is simple. Your feet must be able to touch the ground on both sides when seated and you should be able to hold it up. A motorbike that is too heavy for you is dangerous – not to mention inconvenient. Motorbikes are fun to ride and if you join a club you will have the added benefit of social outings with likeminded friends. But first you will need to get your license. You will need to book in for professional training and testing. And remember that the type of motorbikes that novices can ride is restricted, so you’ll need to find out just what you can ride before deciding what to buy.

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Question by JHAmeZ: first motorbike advice, chinese brands?
soo i was looking at the chinese enduro (dual sport) type bikes available in Australia and want to know whats the go with them? is there anyone that has experience with these sorts of bikes? i only want a cheap bike that i can register and practice with after gettting my license and then after a year i would upgrade.

the jianshe 250py (loncin engine) looks decent although it retails for somthign like 00 new and i would get an xr 250 if i was gunna pay that much.

there is a kinlon “super motard” on ebay that seems to be going for around 50 – 50, its only a 200cc and only comes with 3months warranty if you pick it up from the warehouse. It looks really decent in the photos but then again i read a realllly bad review about kinlon although it wasnt the same bike. reallly looking for somone with experience with this kinlon bike.

the next one is a second hand one although it only has about 100km’s on it? it is a shineray brand xy200gy. I have a lot about shineray, a lot of good things about the quality of the bikes and their engines as they make their on engines in house and have based the design off an earlier honda model? i havent heard any bad comments about them but people say to stay away from chinese bikes.

pictures of the bike:

i want a cheap first bike, i dont mind if its 200cc cause its only for while im on my provisionals. i want to pay under 00 for the bike. the shineray bike i might be going to have a look at. is there anything i should look out for?


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Answer by YaY_MaN_YaH
i would not get anything that looks like that, because they make it shiny just to lure poor suckers like you into it. My frind he bought a 2008 Giovani 250cc and it was a piece of crap, my kawaski kx 100 1995 owned it in a race. what you gotta look out for is te motor, the clutch, the piston, the brakes, the throttle, the shifter, etc.

Dont get anything like that trust me, BtW my friend bought his bike for like 2400 and didnt like it sold it again and he only got 200 for it trust me get a good one and finance it, then when it comes time to upgrade sell it than finish the finance with the money you sod it with and then finance a new one. TRUST ME!!

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