Motorcycle Stunts – BLOX STARZ “A Day Of Freestyle Street Bike Stunt Riding In The Streets”

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Рома Гасанян покатал Софию Сванидзе на Ходынском поле…. Tricks from Roma for Sofia in Moscow. Статья (some photos):

Here is Kevin Carmichael, amazing stunt bike rider showing off his skills at the Phillip McCallen 10th Anniversary show. Stunt bike, extreme motorcycle stunt…
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Question by john d: motorcycle maintenance?
i have a tzr 250, and i heard that tzrs damages gaskets pretty fast. every 3 months i change my head gasket, im ok with that but the problem is its very hard to find, i just want to know if theres some sort of maintenance that i should do to prevent these thing from happening. And does driving fast affect its wear and tear?

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Answer by mayride
over rpming it always does more wear and tear, and check into a guide about changing them and there is usually a trick to finding out to making them last longer

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