motorcycle trick (fail)

I would like as well thank JANDOG for driving rapidly….!!!!!
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5e7b2 motorcyle trick default motorcycle trick (fail)

Hundreds of bikes hauling ass.. a number of stunters…striving to wheelie in a meteor shower of minties with cages and not die.
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Shake Rattle And SPRAY! or 972-420-1293.
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Query by HAGAR!!!: Winter time blues?
If you cannot ride your motorcyle during the winter times, how do you cope?

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Solution by Daniel C
I even now trip. Of program, I am in Dallas, so it doens’t get also poor. But I have been acknowledged to get on two wheels when it really is in the mid-teenagers. Thermal underwear, two pairs of socks, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt, do-rag and tobaggon. If I’m going a lot more than twenty miles electrical gloves and maybe socks.

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