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Query by jake: Help PLEASE!! URGENT!! Aid Support!! Nissan vehicle going crazy!!?
Assist Assist Assist Help Support!!!!!!

1993 Nissan Quest GXE V6 (VG30E)

Please can a person inform me whats incorrect with my vehicle? I took the car to a mechanic to modify the valve cover gaskets (each), clean the fuel injectors (the intake manifold was removed to reach the back 3 injectors), and the timing belt.

The signs my automobile is getting are the next:

1. In cold start, when I flip on the engine, the revs commence to hesitate and after about 4 seconds they are in normal idle pace (750 rpm).

2. When I accelerate typically and then take my foot OFF the gasoline pedal (in 2nd gear, and often still in 1rst gear), the REVs begin to “OSCILLATE” from 1,000 rpm to practically 400 rpm! When the REVs come near 400 REVs, the auto SHAKES and vibrates for about a 2nd and a half, that means that the automobile might stall! The oscilations are: 1000-400-one thousand-400-750 rpms. Soon after that, the vehicle commences to idle at normal idle speed, 750rpm.

Im considering that the cause might be:

a. Bad installation of the gaskets. Vaccum leak. Air is coming into or leaving the consumption manifold due to the fact of a undesirable gasket installation? I asked the mechanic: “Hey, what about the consumption manifold gasket? Did you replaced it with a NEW 1?” and he mentioned it was NOT essential considering that the gasket was a “metallic gasket” and it can be employed Once again. Is that Okay to do? Ive been advised that everytime you seperate 2 metallic components, you must place on a NEW gasket!

b. Bad timing. He replaced the timing belt. I asked him about if he syncronized the distributor with the camshaft and the crankshaft (by seeking at the timing marks in the belt and the sprockets), and he explained “if it was not syncronized, the valves in your engine wee to hit the pistons”. I know THAT might take place if timing is incorrect, but BUT what if the piston is NOT reaching the TDC and the spark is commencing before the Real TDC? My car is lacking some power.

I replaced the 02 sensor.
Replaced the air filter. The filter it had before was Smaller, so some dirt and dust was obtaining into the engine! This impacts the engines life! Dont know WHY it had a smaller sized airfilter! The car was crashed and maybe the reapir man place he Incorrect filter.
Replaced the fuel filter.
Repalced spark plug wires. SEIWA. The stock wires had been SEIWA too.
The Injectors have been cleaned, and examined and came out Ok.

Replaced spark plugs. First the auto was runnning with brand new NGK spark plugs, and soon after I told the mechanic the vehicle was lacking energy EVEN Following all the replacement have been carried out to the vehicle, he stated:
1rst. The NGK spark plugs are Ok.
2nd. After couple weeks, the car stil was lacking power, then he said the NGK spark plugs were wroong, he replaced them with Denso. The automobile is nonetheless lacking electrical power! and the MPG is nasty!

I HAVE One more Question: There is a BOLT that is connected to the distributor (not within the distributor) and close to the energy transistor (its not the electrical power transistor mounting bolt). A mechanic as soon as advised me that THIS BOLT is a kind of “adjustment bolt”. According to the position (left or right) of the bolt, that would be the ANGLE of the ignition, im guessing maybe the TDC angle? In spanish they call it “ojo chino” since it appears like a chineese eye! Is a type of “oval washer linked to a component in the distributor”. So, what Im acquiring to is that Before the timing belt was replaced, THAT BOLT was in the middle of that “oval washer”. and Following the timing belt was replaced, the bolt is all the way to the appropriate! I took some photographs before I took the vehicle to the mechanic to make some Prior to-Right after comparisons right after substitute of elements.


So my concern is:

LACK OF Electrical power. Feeling some small vibration coming from the fuel pedal everytime I push on it. Feeling like its working rough. After driving this car for in excess of three many years now, I KNOW THERE IS Something Wrong with the engine electrical power! I remember a couple many years ahead of, when I accelerated ALL THE WAY, all the pedal to the floor, the auto WAS Actually Strong AND Rapidly (i know its a minivan), but it has the identical engine as the pathfinder, so it ought to be sturdy. Now I accelerate, and the ratio REVs/acceleration is not actually the exact same as prior to. The revs go UP, but the automobile moves slower than prior to!

Bad MPG! The vehicle is performing about 13-15 mpg in city!!

OSCILLATIONS in the REVs as described before.

What if the timing belt was installed incorrectly? What if its not syncronized the way it ought to be with the distributor and TDC piston?

Ideal reply:

Answer by Motorhead
If there is an consumption manifold leak, a vehicle wil not idle effectively, no matter if hot or cold, and it will not just be soon after you take you foot off. It will be all the time.

Also do not bother cleansing injectors. They will not actually get dirty on the outdoors, and you cannot clean the within.

But it sounds to me the timing is screwed up.
Timing is really crucial when you substitute the timing belt.
The bolt near the distributer is the distributer hold down, and it should have been identical in place, ahead of and soon after.
If it is distinct, he probably screwed up.

It is correct that if the belt is absolutely wrong the pistons will hit the valves, but not if only a notch or two off. Then it just runs negative.
Sorry, but someone needs to recheck the timing belt and reset the timing.
Not challenging to do although.
Get a guide.
You can easily realize it and do it yourself, or uncover someone you can believe in.

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