My 7 month old motorbike has been written off?

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Question by Sikodemon: My 7 month old motorbike has been written off?
Ok, I bought my bike back last december and I love it. I had a bit of a prang on it in june which wasn’t my fault and has cctv to prove it (the other guy was drunk and drove off, but dont worry, i followed him). Anyways thats not the problem, the problem is that because of a slightly dented exhaust and broken indicator the insurance company is telling me that it’s not worth doing the repairs to the bike, It’s what they call a “total loss”. I was left gobsmacked. I paid 2400 for the bike new and they’re offering me cash value of 2070, or I get total cash value (2070) minus what they get for salvaging parts and minus my excess which leaves me with 1350 but I also get my bike back so I can sort out repairs.

Now I was always lead to believe that if the vehicle that’s insured is less than a year old and you have comprehensive then they should replace the bike, no matter what.

Is this not true anymore? I know it used to be.

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Answer by rick29148
Each insurance company has it’s own standards & rules it uses to determine weather to fix or scrap; there are no universal rules or laws that all companies have to follow.

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Question by nick.galati: is there a way to change a kick start on a motorbike to an electric start on a dune buggy?
i am making a dune buggy with my dad and we are using a motorbike engine but we don’t know how to change the kick start to an electric start can some please give some detailed advice. thanks

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Answer by Nate
yeah, thats really really dumb.

typically manual start motors are started manually and vise versa, a starter motor is required for any electric start internal combustion engine and therefore the electrical support and mounting brackets for said motor, not to mention the linkage between it and the engine.

The only possible thing I could think of is some sort of conversion kit for your engine which would include parts to surpass such obstacles, or some sort of jerry-rigged thing involving a pneumatic foot and a shoe that would probably take even me more time to design than the entire buggy would take to build.

check for the bike your engine came from and see if theres a conversion kit, otherwise your up a creek, I don’t see whats wrong with kick starting it anyhow.

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