My house, my garbage

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My house, my garbage
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Image by chilipirates
My house, my beach, my motorbike
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Image by Dirk Gently
After the Reitwagen prototype, this is the first mass-produced motorbike (2000 copies).
The inventors Hildebrand and Wolfm├╝ller even trademarked the word "Motorrad" (motorcycle) for this.
Interesting technical detail: the con rods of the two horizontal cylinders are directly attached to the rear wheel, which is also acting as flywheel.
2.5 PS at 240/min, 1488 ccm

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Image by StrudelMonkey
crossing Hanoi streets 101 … stand at the side of street and face upstream … move slowly and consistently into the flow of motorbikes … make eye contact, if possible … the sea of motorbikes seem to magically part around you … as you cross the mid-point in the street, rotate head 180 degrees to face upstream in the opposite direction … breathe when you reach the other side and thank your parents for buying you Frogger when you were a kid

Hanoi, Vietnam
December 2008

Vespa in Paris
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Image by diebmx