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Image by RaeA
Nana Greenfield on her BSA motorbike, we think 1930s.

note from my father: She used to ride it from where she lived on a farm in the north island of NZ, to a nearby town where she worked as a cook. He thinks its more like 1929 to 1934.

note from my mother: Her real name was Julia Selena Greenfield (nee Gleeson), although many people called her Eugene becauase of a broach she wore. She lived on a dairy farm in the Waipapakauria area of New Zealand. She worked as a chef in Manganui about 30 miles away, and used the bike to get to and from work. The roads were basically sand. She thinks about 1930.

1946 Ariel motorbike
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Image by SqueakyMarmot
The 2007 Vancouver All British Field Meet at VanDusen Botanical Gardens.