One Love with Playing for Change, Grandma Shirley and Wendy Lang

default One Love with Playing for Change, Grandma Shirley and Wendy Lang

SOMETIMES LOADS BETTER IN HD. Mom and I love viewing the Playing for Change DVD, and Mom (who has Alzheimers’) and her granddaughter Wendy love singing along. So I thought through how to put them into the Playing for Change video, now that I COULD create multi-camera with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9. And I now had enough sound and video equipment to do it. What I didn’t think of beforehand in rigging this thing up was a monitor so Wendy could hear herself sing. Oh, easy solution, run a light earbud from the Zoom H2 mic/recorder in one ear, while she listened with both ears to the music on the heaphones. My first version of this had the Playing for Change video too narrow, but I found a way to fix it, so here is improved version. Please support Playing for Change in their wonderful work. Hope they don’t mind that I did this. They have a channel on YouTube and see tons of stuff at I’ve also asked permission to keep it up. Equipment. Portable dvd player with two headphone jacks. 2 large headphones. Microphone recorder is the wonderful Zoom H2, set on 120 degree rear. Camera is Lumix DCM-ZS3 on AVCHD-lite (720 HD). Somehow, I converted the One Love 480 video into 720 for HD playing here on YT. Comments on earlier version: ppaul3: Great Job Carol. I think all involved would love what you did. And others should feel free to do this as well. Paul Adams, musician What a magnificent tribute to all the artists as well as to your mother and niece
Video Rating: 5 / 5