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Query by Natalie Portman: Initial time riding scooter.?
I have heard if you can trip a bike, it is very easy riding a scooter.

Up to 3 days in the past, I have not rode a bike in three years. When I initial started out riding yet again, it was fine, and I got into the swing of it extremely quickly. (Regrettably I cannot maintain riding the bike as I have moved back property and do not have one here).

I have been on the back of a motorbike prior to when my dad was driving (also a number of days ago) and we also went on the motorway.

I have acquired my cbt check coming up on the 22nd, and I am concerned, but quite fired up about it.

Will getting expertise getting on the back of the bike, and riding a bike be helpful when carrying out my cbt?

I know about security, as my dad has taught me about helmets and how to start and end the bike.

I am nervous about the eye test as properly.

Can anyone tell me any techniques that I can put together myself for it?
I have acquired just more than a week to do so.

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Reply by Mr. Smartypants
If you can trip a bicycle then you know how to stability and steer. To trip a motorscooter, you do not need considerably more than that. Scooters have automatic transmissions, so you just twist the proper handlebar and off you go. The levers on either side of the handlebar are the brakes. It may take you a even though to find out to ride in targeted traffic, but the actual riding is practically nothing serious.

I do not know exactly what is concerned in the CBT, you almost certainly will require to know guidelines of the street, the that means of signs, and so forth. and so forth. As far as actually riding the scooter, you could almost certainly just leap onto one and trip it residence. (I did, years in the past).

No stage worrying about the eye test, considering that there’s not a lot you can do. Both you can see nicely ample or you cannot. I am guessing it will be okay.

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Query by : How dangerous are motorbikes?
At the age of 18 I’m nevertheless desperate to get a 125cc motorbike. Several of my mates have progressed from scooters at the age of sixteen to 125’s now. The issue becoming my mum is majorly anti bike. I will not know whether she entirely in excess of exaggerates the dangers of a bike or not as none of my 4 friends that trip have died yet. By the way i reside in the Uk

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Response by preetesh d
driving in snow is unsafe but standard driving on 125cc bike is often fun not too considerably threat. I personal a 150cc bike and still alive soon after five yrs. my dad has driven bike all via his life he is 65yrs now even now alive no significant accidents. I am from India also significantly visitors. even now no probs

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