Q&A: car vs. motorbike?

Question by Why So Serious?: car vs. motorbike?
i was wondering whether it would be better to drive a motorbike/motor scooter or a car? i have both so sourcing them is no problem, but im just learning to drive and i dont really enjoy cars?

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Answer by Lover not a Fighter
Motorcycles are fun and good on gas. That’s it.
In terms of practicality they are NOT. They can’t carry lot of passengers, load, etc. They are not good in cold and rain.

So it works well as second vehicle, but usually not as first vehicle (unless you have a car you can borrow and/or rent often).

Good Luck…

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Question by Speedy: Any motorbike accessories stores in glasgow?
I need to get a good pair of motorbike gloves and was wondering if anyone knows of any stores in glasgow that sold them at a affordable price.
are there any more pacifically in the glasgow city center area?

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Answer by RAVEN
only one i know is the Harley Davidson one at Charing X

West Coast Harley Davidson Ltd

147-151 North St
Glasgow, G3 7DA
0141 883 1450

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