Q&A: Couple examples of excellent motorbikes?

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by glyn_nelson

Query by Request FOR MY Name: Couple examples of great motorbikes?
I’m looking to get a motorbike in the close to future.
I was seeking at the Kawasaki ZZR1400
or Z800 for instance. I heard Honda’s are truly good too.

I pretty much have no clue about bikes…I have some information but it really is not sufficient. lol.

I will look into any bikes…though I am keen on the type’s I have proven at the start.

Also, what must I appear out for when I am acquiring a used bike? An optional question, solution if you actually want. Thank you!
Whoah, guys…I truly do comprehend your worries about sports bikes. Actually…if it falls into the wrong hands, it can be deadly…I have seen a crash when, it was nasty.

I ONLY want a motorbike which appears great, sounds wonderful and is comfy. I can swear now that I wouldn’t go close to the town or highway carrying out ridiculous speeds, it’s stupid and can end really badly. I will get that into consideration, thank you.
Thanks guys…you genuinely received to me…lol.
You are correct, it will be my very first bike…I cannot go all out. That got me nervous a bit, thinking about it all..haha.
I can not choose the ideal reply as it comes up with an error…2 days in a row…
will keep trying. Sorry about that.

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Response by Bill Wells
I never see a issue with getting a utilized bike, when you start off searching check out out craigslist. the bike you named is a great bike, verify out Honda, BMW, just be care full acquiring your bike, verify it out actual excellent. When you find a bike you truly like, go to Blue Guide on line and see what their going for. Verify out total condition and mileage, tires, brakes, any damage, does everything operate, and has it been stored in very good form. riding for 49 yrs

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